29 Crypto Confessions That Might Shock You

The wild world of cryptocurrency can be a wild ride, full of ups, downs, and surprises.

As more people join the ranks of digital currency enthusiasts, the tales of fortunes made and lost, unconventional strategies, and personal dramas continue to unfold.

Here are 29 crypto confessions that might shock you, make you laugh, or perhaps even inspire you to dive deeper into the world of digital currencies.

These real-life stories reveal the human side of this often mysterious financial realm, showcasing the highs, lows, and unexpected twists that come with navigating the unpredictable landscape of cryptocurrency.

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29 Crypto Confessions That Might Shock You

1. Revenge Backfires

One person tried to give their former bully bad trading advice, only for the bully to make $9k and the confessor to get liquidated.

2. Midnight Move

A wife transferred funds from FTX to their Ledger in the middle of the night.

3. Crypto Couple

One person runs their wife’s crypto Twitter account, where they receive Ethereum donations from followers. They’ve used the funds to book an African safari.

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4. Dogecoin Miracle

Dogecoin profits paid for a father’s experimental surgery, giving the family a few more months together.

5. Forgotten Fortune

A man bought his ex-girlfriend Bitcoin in 2013, which she forgot about after they broke up. The money changed his life.

6. Tax-Free Cashing Out

A Korean American made millions in crypto and plans to regain Korean citizenship to cash out without taxes.

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7. Strategy-less Startup

The Head of Strategy at a $700 million web3 startup confesses to having no strategies.

8. Fitness Fumble

One person invested $11k in a ‘move to earn’ project and now must run 11km daily for a year to break even.

9. Nigerian Success

A 20-year-old Nigerian made $250k during the bull run, investing in real estate and their parents’ business.

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10. Lost Fortune

One trader made $750k spot trading over 3 years, only to lose it all in a single LUNA trade.

11. FTX Fiasco

A user sent $350k to FTX right before the collapse, losing 92% of their net worth.

12. Wife’s NFT Rescue

A husband got bailed out by his wife after getting stuck with 4 illiquid ETH in an NFT project.

13. Round Trip Hell

A trader went from $1300 to $4.5 million and back down to $1100, warning others to custody their coins.

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14. Secret Millions

A couple living on $20k/year secretly made millions in crypto, but the wife hasn’t checked their account yet.

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15. Parental Heartbreak

A person lost their parents’ $830k retirement fund in crypto, and they haven’t told them yet.

16. Unexpected Career

Someone started learning Adobe to make NFTs but ended up creating a successful deepfake OnlyFans account.

17. Hidden House Fund

A husband hid his crypto savings from his unfaithful wife, planning to buy a house for their son and himself.

18. FTX Fallout

One person lost all their crypto in the FTX collapse and has since been spreading Binance FUD.

19. Secret BTC Gifts

A generous friend has stashed away 1 BTC for each of their brothers’ and best friends’ kids, to be revealed when they turn 18.

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20. Desperate Measures

One person performed a sexual act to get whitelisted for an NFT project, only for the project to rug pull.

21. Life-changing Spending Spree

A confessor turned $2k into $100k but spent it all traveling and getting a hair transplant after a breakup.

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22. Crypto Party Crash

A person made millions in crypto, partied around the world, and is now left with less than $5k and an unexpected pregnancy.

23. Love and Loss

A confessor fell in love with a girl who got her father to invest $1M in Ethereum at $4,000+. Now, her portfolio is down significantly, her father has lost a substantial sum, and they’re no longer together.

24. House Savings Wipeout

A couple who saved $300k for a house invested it all in Bitcoin at $60k, hoping it would reach $100k by the end of 2021. Instead, they rode the market all the way down.

25. Career Regret

One person quit their career to pursue full-time crypto, losing 80% of their net worth in Luna and struggling to gain traction on their YouTube channel.

26. GaryVee NFT Scheme

A confessor photoshopped receipts to receive over 100 GaryVee NFTs, which they sold for around $80k total without investing a dime.

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27. Secret Crypto Millionaire

A trader with around $120 million in crypto keeps their fortune hidden from family and friends while sharing trades with anonymous users online.

28. Rugging Korea

A 21-year-old confessor made and lost six figures multiple times in the past four years while trading with leverage. They then created a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) shitcoin that unexpectedly went viral in a Korean community.

29. The Crypto Cycloor

After a 95% portfolio loss in 2018, one individual reinvested $15k in 2019 and saw it grow to $350k in 2.5 years. They successfully cashed out most of it, securing a comfortable sum for their family before reinvesting in recent months,

More Crypto Confessions

These confessions reveal the life-changing impact that cryptocurrency can have on people’s lives, for better or worse.

Whether it’s turning a small investment into a fortune, using digital currencies to help loved ones, or learning painful lessons in financial risk, the world of crypto is full of surprises.

Cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity and influence, with more and more people joining the digital currency revolution.

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More crypto confessions

These 29 crypto confessions offer a glimpse into the real-life stories behind the numbers, showing that, like any other financial market, the crypto world is full of both successes and failures.

The key is to learn from the experiences of others and approach this exciting new frontier with caution, determination, and a willingness to take calculated risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Crypto Confessions True?

These confessions were submitted by individuals to the coinfessions twitter account, but we cannot independently verify their authenticity.

What Can I Learn From These Confessions?

These stories offer valuable lessons on financial risk, market volatility, and the personal side of cryptocurrency.

How Can I Avoid Negative Experiences In Crypto?

Educate yourself, make informed decisions, practice risk management, and learn from others’ experiences.

Where Can I Find Resources To Learn About Cryptocurrency?

Online courses, podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, and forums are excellent sources for crypto education.

How Do I Get Started In Cryptocurrency?

Learn the basics, invest through an exchange such as Binance, and explore advanced strategies such as yield farming and NFTs.

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