How to Buy .AI Domain Names (2023)

In the realm of technology and innovation, .ai domains have become increasingly popular.

These domain names, which stand for Artificial Intelligence, are actually a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Anguilla, a set of islands in the Caribbean.

Despite this, the first thing that usually comes to mind when people see the .ai domain is Artificial Intelligence, and this is precisely the point of this marketing strategy​.

We go into det`ail below on how to buy a .ai domain name and the best providers out there.

How to Buy a .AI Domain Name: A Quick Guide

how to buy .ai domain name

Why are .AI Domain Names More Expensive?

The growing popularity of Artificial Intelligence and its potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology has led to a surge in demand for .ai domains.

The registration price of .ai domains is higher than other domain registrations, making them some of the most expensive domains on the market.

A one-year registration of an .ai domain name can be up to $125 per year.

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ai domain price comparison

Where to Buy .AI Domain Names

.AI domain names can be bought from any reputable domain supplier, but some will have higher costs and fees than others.

There are always introductory offers available on most domain registrar sites, so it makes sense to shop around.

For example, Namecheap tends to be half the price of other domain providers.

In fact, I went with Namecheap for my latest AI project, at a cost of $69 per year​.

TOP TIP: You don’t need to buy your web hosting and domain with the same provider. For example, you could use Hostinger to host your website, and buy your domain on Namecheap.

namecheap ai domain price

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Buying a .COM Domain Name: A Comparison

New .com domain names can generally be bought for between $10 and $20 a year, depending on the registrar you choose.

For example, Namecheap offers .com domains for $8.88/year, while GoDaddy offers them for $0.99/year (first year introductory price)​.

For .ai domain names, this pricing structure changes, as you can see in the table below.

Here’s a simplified price comparison table for .com versus .ai domain names for the first year of registration at two domain registrars:

Domain Domain Domain Price
GoDaddy$0.99/year (introductory price)$135.00/year

As you can see from the table, GoDaddy has a cheaper introductory rate for .com domain names, but Namecheap is the clear winner in the .ai category.

This is why we recommend using Namecheap as a .AI domain name registrar.

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Will .AI Domains Get Cheaper In Time?

Well, folks, let’s take a moment to gaze into the crystal ball of domain pricing.

Now, I’m no fortune teller, but I can tell you a thing or two about the current market trends and what they might suggest about our friend, the .AI domain.

But here’s the thing – .AI domains are like the high-class real estate of the domain world, not just because of their cool, tech-savvy vibe, but because they are the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the tropical paradise of Anguilla.

This combination of high demand and an exclusive “residence” can make predicting a price drop trickier than solving a Rubik’s cube in the dark.

will ai make us dumber

Yes, we could see a decrease in prices if another domain extension suddenly becomes the new .AI.

But for now, .AI is strutting its stuff on the catwalk of the domain world, turning heads left and right.

One thing you can do, however, is keep your eye on the prize – in this case, any deals or promotions that reputable domain suppliers might offer. Think of it as a flash sale on your favorite online store.

You never know when the price of .AI domains might dip for a short period.

So, will .AI domains get cheaper over time? Well, my friends, only time (and the good folks who manage these domain registrations) will tell.

Until then, keep an eye on those prices, and remember – every trend has its peak.

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ai chatgpt

Can You Make Money Flipping .AI Domains?

AI is a new technology, but it’s here to stay. So in short, yes you can make money flipping. AI domain names.

This might be the best possible time to secure a premium .AI domain name.

Imagine being able to buy a 5 letter .com domain name in the dot com boom? Now’s your second chance.

This could be a real chance to catch up on those early internet years. In my opinion, it’s worth the premium.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does the .ai domain name stand for?

The .ai domain name may appear to have been created specifically for the AI industry, but it’s actually a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Anguilla since 1995​

Why are .ai domains more expensive than regular domains?

With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence, .ai domain names are becoming increasingly sought after. The price is set by the Anguilla (.ai) registrar and the high demand has made them more expensive than many other types of domains​.

Where is the best place to buy .ai domain names?

.AI domain names can be bought from any reputable domain supplier, but prices may vary. Namecheap is our recommended choice as a cost-effective option for purchasing .ai domains​.

Can you make money flipping .AI domains?

Flipping .ai domain names can be a lucrative industry. They are currently one of the hottest pieces of internet real estate and so can fetch high prices.

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