What is Runway’s Gen-1? How To Use Video-To-Video AI Generation

Looking to elevate your creative game? Runway’s Gen-1 is here to transform your short video clips into AI-generated marvels.

Video-to-video is finally a thing, all thanks to Runway ML’s incredible Gen-1 technology.

The capabilities of this are mind-blowing, just look at the video below to see what we mean.

Check out our comprehensive guide on how to harness this cutting-edge tool while keeping things lively and engaging.

Runway Gen-1: The Video-to-Video AI Tool Revolution

Runway’s Gen-1: A Game-Changer in Video Creation

To get started with Gen-1, simply upload a video (under 3 seconds) and a photo to serve as your style guide.

Let Gen-1 work its magic, creating an AI-generated video based on your inputs.

To access this groundbreaking tool, head over to Runway’s Discord channel.

Video Length Constraints: Making the Most of 3 Seconds

For those with videos exceeding a few seconds in length, fear not.

Gen-1, during its early research testing phase, limits output to 95 frames or approximately 3 seconds.

Just the right duration for a captivating creation!

Generation Time: The Art of Waiting

Creating AI-generated videos takes time, so expect an average generation duration of 2-3 minutes.

However, during periods of high demand, the process might take a tad longer.

Remember, patience pays off!

Gen-1 Privacy: Public Access in Early Research Testing

As of now, Gen-1 is publicly accessible during its early research testing phase.

Privacy is crucial, but the brilliant minds behind Gen-1 rely on user input to fine-tune this extraordinary innovation.

Open Source and API Availability: Current Status

Currently, Gen-1 is neither open-sourced nor accessible via an API.

Stay tuned for future developments as the Runway team continually works to enhance their offerings.

Troubleshooting “Not Safe” Flags: Tips and Tricks

Encountering a “not safe” flag on your video? Keep calm and try a different input image, modify the prompt, or regenerate the video using an alternative seed value.

It’s all about experimentation and having a bit of fun in the process!

Creating Gen-1 Showcase Videos: Best Practices

Eager to share your Gen-1 experience? Runway welcomes you to create videos featuring Gen-1 outputs, your unique creative process, and your utilization of the tool.

Just be mindful of other users’ privacy by refraining from showcasing their input videos.

So What is Gen-1?

Runway’s Gen-1 is a revolutionary video-to-video tool that you can use right now!

With this informative and engaging guide, you’re now ready to dive into the world of Runway’s Gen-1 and create mesmerizing, AI-generated videos.

Embrace the future of video creation and let your imagination soar!

Gen-1 Quick FAQ

Can I produce a video longer than a few seconds?

No, Gen-1 output is limited to 95 frames, or about 3 seconds during early research testing.

Why is my generation taking so long?

Generations usually take 2-3 minutes, but high usage may cause longer wait times.

Can I use Gen-1 privately?

Gen-1 is only accessible publicly during early research testing.

Is Gen-1 open-sourced or available via an API?

Not at this time. (March 2023)

My content is flagged as “not safe,” what can I do?

Try a different input image, change the prompt, or use a different seed value.

Am I allowed to make videos about Gen-1?

Yes, and Runway encourage it, but please avoid showing other users’ input videos to respect their privacy.

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